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GITM was started in 2008 to give opportunity to the students of the rural areas as well to realise their dreams of becoming an Engineer. At GITM, we convert raw material into a good quality finished product. A teacher is like a pot maker who convert raw clay into a useful earthen pot on a cart wheel and then puts it into the fire to make it. I as a teacher know that this is a very challenging job because each students in itself is different from the other, but one thing is common that they all understand one language and that is the language of love. I have this strong feeling that most of the problems in life can be solved with the help of love and hard work, for which there is no substitute. At GITM the students are treated like sons and daughters or like younger brothers and sisters by their teachers. The Students who work shoulder with their teachers show very good results.

Dr. D.K Sharma is B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D in the field by diary technology. He has teaching, training, research and administrative experience of 31 years as Principal Scientist and Head of Regional stations with National Dairy research Institute(NDR) with Karnal. He has international research and education exposure for more than 2 years in Germany and USA Dr. Sharma has published more than 40 research and technical publications in national and international journals. He has administrative experience and leadership qualities motivating the faculty and students to achieve the goal of academic experience.

Dr. D. K. Sharma
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