Master of Technology

Subect of Study and Curriculum outline:-
The subject study shall be in accordance with the syllabus prescribed from time to time both for theory and practical by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

Requirement Examination and Attendance:-
The Examination shall be conducted by Kurukshetra University time to time at all the end ofthe semester by the Autonomous Examination body of the Institute. A Candidate shall be permitted to appear for final examination only if:-
  1. He/She must have 75% of attendance in the concerned semesters.
  2. He/She earns progress certificate in studies from the Head of the Institutions for having completed the course of study satisfactory.
  3. His/Her conduct and character has been satisfactory.

Final Examination in each semester shall be conducted at the end of the semester in Theory & Practical by the Kurukshetra University.
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