Computer Science Engineering

Computers are now used in practically every area of human endeavor. Job opportunities in computer and information science are challenging and diverse, and demand for computer science graduates is expected to remain strong over the next decade. The faculty of the Department of Computer is involved in research at the frontiers of many key areas of computer science. Areas of active research include algorithms, computational geometry, computational learning theory, databases, wireless networks, network security, distributed systems, data compression, image processing and understanding, multimedia, software engineering and testing, data mining, and information retrieval.

This branch deals with design and construction of computers, development of computer programs (software) and computer based information and control systems. In its most general form it is concerned with the understanding of information compilation, transfer and transformation

  • ADA Lab

  • Visual Basic Lab

  • OOAD Lab

  • SQM Lab

  • DataBase Lab

  • Intake - 24

    Duration - 2 years

    Eligibility - B-Tech (Computer Science/ Information Technology) or Master of Computer Application or MSc. (CSE/IT)

    Fee - 68,000/- (Per year)

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